Top Reasons Why Love Doesn’t Always Workout

Love is a concept that everyone ponders about. If you don’t, then this article is not for you. Now for the rest of us who would love to be loved this is for us. Everyone has their own interpretation

on what loves mean to them. Love to me means that you care for a person with all your heart and care for that person as much as you care for yourself (that’s the short meaning the full meaning is a whole different article.). There are many forms of love such as love for your family, love for a pet, love for your favorite sports team, etc . . . I could go on and on but the love that I am talking about is romantic love. Romantic love is the hardest one to really pin point a definition because it doesn’t have that obligated feeling that love for a family member has. People say that you can choose who you fall in love with, but I believe that that isbullshit. We are our choices. Now if a person choose to fall for someone whom show the signs of a bad partner for him/her then that was their choice to continue on that path, it’s not because cupid had stuck him/her in the ass and him/her couldn’

t choose the one they love. Sometimes we fall in love or stay in a bad relationship for a number of reasons but to stay in a bad one because you love that person isn’t love at all and not fair for you or that person. Before I end up writing a whole book on love here are some of the Top Reasons Why Love Doesn’t Always Workout:

    • Emotional Baggage: if you come into a relationship with trust problems or fear of commitment or never getting over your parents divorce or having your heart broken in the past by your ‘true love’ you will not give the other person a real chance in your heart because you are too worried about yours.
    • Trying to love the wrong person: This is a common reason love doesn’t work. I mean you can love someone that you just can’t be around, that happens. But sometimes some of us love people who do not feel the same way back and sometimes you will not know until it’s to late. Sad but all too true.
    • Not being sure what you’re looking for in a partner: This may occur because of either self-deception or really because one doesn’t know what qualities they need in a person to fit who they are.
    • Financial problems: Money problems, especially in our current economic state, can make you stress and destroy your relationship and or the love that you once had. Sad but true.

  • Not ready to settle down: Now this one is under rated because when one jumps into a relationship he/she may have thought that they were ready to settle but to the surprise to his/her mate and or to his/her self settling just isn’t for him/her. Don’t believe me just checkout the high divorce rate.
  • Infidelity: Now this one is big because you give your heart to another andthey take it but cannot be faithful to you. And it’s more than one way to be unfaithful and in my opinion I believe when your partner has feelings for another it is worse than your partner having a random fling.

It’s in no particular order. If you have some that I missed be sure to comment and let me know.Checkout out my first book ‘Happy Face’, It’s available as an e-book for all e-readers at and for the kindle at


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