The reason why Horizon Book Inc bookstore rejected my book

Horizon Books is the black owned book store in the Gallery mall in Philadelphia. When I 1st took my book into the store they had a problem with the cover, so after my 2nd printing I took my book back into the store with the new cover. The owner, an African woman, gave the book to one of her employees to read. So I go back to the store in about a week or 2. The employee and owner both said that they do not want to carry the book into the store, so I asked why. The answer the employee gave me was: “Your book is too lyrical and poetic for our customers.” This is really what she had said and it left me bewildered. Aren’t books suppose to be lyrical and poetic and thought provoking? But the store main sellers are Urban Fiction books, so I guess I had no win. But I’ll just keep pushing.


2 thoughts on “The reason why Horizon Book Inc bookstore rejected my book

  1. Keep trying! There is a bookstore out there that will take it. Literature has become banal and many of the novels published today that make it on best seller lists are too safe. Short stores and poetry are a dying art and anything too real seems to scare bookstore owners. Everything is the same and has become dull. You will to just fine, please keep going!

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