Infidelity: A pointless transgression

Why cheat on your significant other? Those who are guilty of this transgression believe that they have valid reasons, as they would believe that they have valid reasons why they would cheat and not simply leave who they are with. Those with the latter valid reasons would rationalize their infidelities with reasons such as, I love him or her or I just wasn’t ready to settle down or I cheated because my girl or boyfriend cheated on me or I made a mistake or I have x number of years with him or her and there are children evolved or blah blah blah blah.

Infidelity is immoral simply because it hurts. Unless at the on set of the relationship the two of them agree upon an open relationship the two participants are obligated by commitment and or love to remain faithful to the other. It’s no secret that even though we get into committed relationships we still may find others outside of the relationship attractive but to fulfill the temptation we may happen upon if the opportunity arises is a direct violation to the agreement of commitment.

It’s possible that one grows out of love with the one they are with but an honest person would tell the other. And that’s the simple why of refuting those who believe infidelity is just another trait of the human condition, which is true, however it doesn’t make it right.

Infidelity is dishonest, not loyal, a betrayal. Those last three words should be enough for us as loving and moral humans to stray away from such transgression. But we are humans and we make mistakes. It’s a saying, if you knew better you would do better, and that makes sense but how much of our human interactions or actions make much sense.

Simply put, infidelity is a waste of two people time and an aggravated assault on the institute of commitment. If you disagree with my use of the term institute of commitment, as would most modern thinkers such as myself, you have to look at it as a basis or foundation to the family.

Infidelity is pointless because instead of lying and betraying yourself and your significant other you could simply leave that relationship or not get evolved. It’s less complicated not to cheat and be honest to everyone evolved then it is to pointlessly transgress against your  significant other.


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