Either you won’t (short story)

Marvin jumped up. The bullet exited his forehead. The wound closed as his head jerked violently forward. Another bullet zipped by his head after flying out of the wall behind him. Two banks! Two flashes! The bullets reconstructed and then re-entered the guns barrel.

‘!up fuck the Shut’ Mila’s husband spat.

‘ . . . I’m. . I . . .she. . .It’s’ Marvin stammered.

Mila, standing beside the bed, screamed. ‘.don’t honey, No’ The shock expression on her face relaxed before she fell to the floor.

Her husband tucked the gun into his waist as he yelled. ‘.both you kill I’ll’

From the floor, face down, Mila sprung up onto the bed. Frantically she rolled onto Marvin.  The two of them stared towards the man at the door.

‘!motherfuckers dirty You.’ Said the husband.

‘!shit Oh.’ Mila yelled.

Her husband backed quickly into the hallway as he grabbed the door’s knob, as it swung from the wall, before he slammed it.

As their heartbeats slowed Mila and Marvin turned to each other and then kissed. Mila’s kisses moved south, to his chin, to his chest, to his stomach. She then ran her tongue up the length of his penis and then regurgitated his sperm back inside of him. His stiffen body relaxed. She then gave him oral, tasting herself on his penis before climbing on top of it. After a while went past she lifted herself off of him and stood beside the bed.

‘.me Ride’ Marvin said before sliding out of the bed as Mila replaced him.

‘.back gets husband my before hurry Let’s’ Mila said.

Marvin dressed and then smiled. As he walked backwards to the door he said. ‘.time no waste to want don’t you see I’ He opened the door, stepped out into the hallway, and then shut it. He quickly walked backwards through the house, out the door, and into his car. He picked up his cell phone and dialed ‘8131-313-512’

‘.come you’d knew I. open already is door The’ Mila said.

‘.front out I’m’ He said.

‘.Hello’ She answered.

Marvin pressed the phone’s on button, it shut off, before putting it back into his pocket. He drove home backwards. Once inside of his apartment he took off his jacket, hung it onto the coat rack, and then backed his way to his kitchen table and sat down onto the chair that sat in front of his laptop. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and then pressed the off button, it turned on.

‘Hello.’ Marvin said into the phone.

‘It’s me, Mila.’

‘What’s up?’

‘Nothing.’ She said. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Finishing up my manuscript before I send it to my editor.’

‘My husband just left and won’t be home for awhile.’

‘I thought you said he was staying in tonight.’

‘He was, but I decided to let him go out with some of his buddies from work.’

‘You let him go?’


‘You’re the boss, huh?’

‘He knows who wears the pants in this house.’

‘You wear the pants, huh?’

‘You, really tight pants that shows off my ass.’

He laughed.

‘Why don’t you come over and take them off for me.’

‘Right now?’

‘What you think?’

‘I don’t know. I’m kind of busy right now.’ He said. ‘Besides, don’t you think what we’re doing is wrong?’

‘I would if I believe that loving you is wrong.’

He didn’t respond.



‘Are you having doubts about us?’

‘There’s an us?’ Asked Marvin.

‘Why do you do that?’

‘ you get in front What?’

‘Look, are you coming or not?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You know.’ She said. ‘Either you will or either you won’t. If you do, call me when you get in front of the house. Bye.’

After he hung up the phone Marvin grabbed his jacket from the coat rack and then opened the door. Startled, he took a step back. A man in a black hooded cloak, clutching the long wooden handle of a sickle, stood across the threshold.


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