The Babbler #11: Let’s talk about the Travon Martin case

Ok, first let’s start with what’s going on: In Florida a 17 year old black kid Travon Martin, who was serving a 10 day suspension from school for getting caught with a weed baggie filled with residue and having a weed pipe, was coming from an convenient store heading back to his father house. When he walked through a gated community George Zimmerman, a person claiming to be apart of the neighborhood watch, in which he wasn’t, called the police believing that the black teen in the hoodie looked suspicious. The 911 operator told him to stop following the guy, but he disobeyed and continued to follow the shady character that he believed was out to do something. Now this where things get rough. Neighbors said that they heard the shuffle and someone was screaming for help but they could not tell which of the two were the one screaming for help. Whatever happened when it was over, Travon Martin was dead from George Zimmerman, whose face was bloody from a broken or bloody nose, shooting him.

Ok, I think that’s pretty much the facts of the matter. Now let’s talk about this. George Zimmerman should be in jail. Let’s take away the race and let’s focus on what happened. I think that after Zimmerman hung up the phone with the police he approached Martin and may have tried to make a citizen arrest on a 17 year old who may have tried to defend himself. Think for a moment if someone approached you while coming from the store accusing you of ‘About to do something wrong’ like he was one of those policemen in the movie Minority Report, you’re going to try to get yourself away from this wacko, right? But what if you were the wacko and the person you think was about to do something walked away or maybe even said something disrespectful like ‘Get your crazy ass out of here man.’ Or ‘Fuck off pussy’ what would you do? And then the wacko started chasing him and there was a fight and from what we know Zimmerman got his ass beat from a 17 year old. So what did he do? He shot Trayvon Martin.

I know no one can find the humor in this but I do. (Everyone has something to say and always says it’s the media and forgets that in this era of human existence with the Internet and high tech phones we all are the media. The conversations at work, at the bar, the hair salons and barbershops, and on any bus or train are as much media as the news shows or Internet sites. So The Trayvon Martin situation is being talked about everywhere and that is why we continue to talk about this. Plus, it’s interesting and shows the flaws in the American judicious system. Sorry for the out bust but the people who always say something is being over expose are always the people who bring up the topic. But it is being over expose thus the America way). What I find funny is the opinions which really makes this into the media circus it is (‘and this to will pass.’ Thus said our attention span). So I’m going to respond to the opinions being totally subjective.

(Disclaimer: for time and simple laziness I’m not going to explain anything like where I heard this or that opinion from or even really break down the opinion or any of that kind of good reporting shit. I am going to babble as always so hopefully you are caught up on this issue.)

Geraldo Rivera is a dick for even mentioning the word hoodie. He probably owns a hoodie himself. Who doesn’t own a hoodie? But I bet Rivera Knows who owns hoodies Black bad guys, right? Please Geraldo, stop watching urban movies. And please stop adding stereotypes to the situation. That’s way the wacko started this shit in the first please stereotyping black males as the reason for crime in America. And that Brings me to the conversation only heard in the private quarters of other races and blacks in a higher tax bracket who believes this was wrong ‘I wouldn’t had shoot him though.’ (Aww calm down I’m joking. I’m being satirical. So if I offended anyone, bite me.) But anyway, to the people who says ‘The media is making a big deal about a white man killing a black man and what about black on black crime?’ This is wrong because maybe not on a national level all of the time but locally the news stations and radio stations and those non-profits filled with black men who have experience the darker parts of life and groups with family members slang on the street and whoever you talk to this about from one of those communities hit hard from drugs and violence always remind us of this unfortunate problem to toss on the pile of other unfortunate draw backs of American society. But if you don’t listen you don’t care. Moving along to Oprah, who said it was a shame, needs to take her magic wind and turn Zimmerman in to an oak tree. (It was only a joke Miss Oprah. I know you don’t have a magic wind, it’s a magic remote controller.) Spike Lee is a great man and director but I guess when genius get bored they do some dumb shit. He tweeted to his followers on twitter the wrong address for Zimmerman and now he has paid a compensation and said ‘Please leave them in peace’ after the tweet caused Elaine and David McClain the couple whose address it actually was to be bombarded with hate mail and media. But Spike Lee Thought he had the right guy because The McClain’s are in their 70’s has a son by the name of William George Zimmerman who lived with his parents Sanford area home in the 90’s. So Spike was almost right, but players fuck up. I like when Americans march and protest about shit. It’s rallies all around protesting about what happen to Travon Martin. At least this time they are making a point unlike the occupiers. Moving on now to the people who is focus on Trayvon Martin smoking weed and photos of him that popped up on the internet, like the one where he is shirtless and wearing slouching shorts and boxers showing with a white polo hat with his middle fingers up; gangsta, or a teen being a teen? I’m not going to even get into a weed debate because I high off of weed right now as I type this. But everyone has a right to voice their opinion even if it’s out of hatred for a certain people or out of counter hate towards oppression. We all know the history of America and our race problem so don’t act like people don’t have a right to feel outraged. But all I ask people to do is look at it as being right or wrong and put their selves or a love one in Travon’s shoes. Wouldn’t you run if you had just been attacked even if you successfully fought off your attacker? And wouldn’t you defend yourself if someone try to grab you? When it all boils down what’s left is Treyvon Martin was approach for walking while black and shot for winning a fight. George Zimmerman is a paranoid man who has several false reports on his record and assaulting an officer of the law and acting like he’s part of the neighborhood watch who could wait to say he’s not with us because he wasn’t registered. One more thing Robert Zimmerman, George’s brother said he wanted to correct some of the ‘mythology’ and untruths about what his brother did but only said thing that contradicted the truth, like him saying that some how Trayvon Martin got behind his brother and attacked him and that his brother wasn’t following the 17 year old but we all heard the 911 call.

George Zimmerman will go to jail (which will be bad for old George because the type of black man whom he mistook Travon Martin for is in that jail he will call his home soon. And there are no guns in jail. Sorry for the bluntness but old George fucked his life up. And here comes Karma.)

So that’s how I feel about what happened to Trayvon Martin. But the last thing I have to say is how do you really spell Travon’s name? Because everywhere I see it printed it’s different.


45 thoughts on “The Babbler #11: Let’s talk about the Travon Martin case

    • Your facts are dead wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself, there’s a 911 call made by a neighbor and the person screaming in horror is a tormented boy after being overpowered by an over sized grown ass man. Travon screamed before George shot him execution style. Being suspended is a normal part of being a teenage. I was suspended when I was in high school, if something happens to me will someone bring that up. Travon was a lite weigth kid, Goerge or what ever his name is an overgrown man. You really think that there was a real shuffle? Why would a kid scream like that if he wasn’t in pain? He shot Travon after he screamed in horror. George’s life wasn’t in danger. He had full control and power. He had power over a black kid and there’s nothing anyone could do about it. He thought that he would walk.

      • I’m not sure if your talking about the Babbler or 1 of the comments but if you are talking about the Babbler you need to re-read the post. and yes I thing it could have been a fight and travon could of won that fight especially if he was scared. Fear makes one fight better.

      • Your so called lite weight kid weighed 175 lbs and was over 6 feet tall. You are confusing the picture of a 12 year old to a 17 year old.

  1. Great post! It would be great if they’d focus on Zimmerman’s tact and approach,-which was uncalled for and led to Martin acting more suspiciously- than the race issue.

    So what if he had even burglarized a local residence? Had he been polite, then he could have followed him longer and known for sure what he was doing there. He wasn’t carry a large bag of stuff from what he could see at the current time.

    Making someone act suspiciously could endanger their life.

  2. Didn’t anybody read about the white, young, clean cut couple that in 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee were carjacked by 4 Negro males and 1 Negro female. Took them to a house, raped them both all night, poured bleach down her throat, cut her breasts off, inserted large objects in her mouth, vagina and anus. After raping him, they cut his privates off, drug him down to a railroad track, poured lighter fluid on him and set him on fire. They finally dumped her upside down in a garbage can. They said the ” they cooked a big breakfast at dawn.” Hardly anyone has heard about this….why?? No one is marching for these college kids…..why not???? I am getting very sick of this.. Am I the only one? Yvonne

    • The outrage and the protest was for the fact that Zimmerman wasn’t even arrested, put your racial bias aside and have a little compassion for a dead kid whose parents are still greiving because he was an articulate charming kid with a bright future. What you said about Travon’s case, would you be happy if you were in there situation? Good souls only happens to good people!

  3. Mrs. St. Clair
    I 1st like to thank you for reading The Babbler. And I must ask you, are you from the past? I mean, like did you get into a time machine or something? Because no one use the term Negro anymore.
    To be honest I believe you missed the part in the latest Babbler when I said take race out of situation for a moment and let’s look at this as right or wrong. But since you want to bring race up I could go back and forth with you about hate crimes against, as you said, the Negro. However I will not because wrong is wrong no matter the race, gender, or any other pointless reason to hate someone that’s different than you.
    The reason why the case with the college students may have not went viral as the did the Travon Martin case, because (although those 4 or 5 people were wrong with what they had done) they were arrested.
    I am sick of a lot of things but I will never get sick of speaking and writing against injustice no matter the race of the right or the wrong.

    • You know them well that he went after that boy because he saw an opportunity to kill a black kid. He thought that he was going to walk because he probably behaved racially before and he got away with it. I am glad that his parents spoke up and fought for answers. Some people don’t speak up, police officers are engaging in the same behavior young black kids; just like Zimmerman.

  4. 911 Operators are not police officers and you have no obligation to obey them. So Mr Zimmerman did not violate the law when he decided to follow Trayvon through his neighborhood. He as a law abiding citizen is allowed to carry a handgun if he wanted to. You don’t have to be in the Neighborhood watch to watch your neighborhood! We as citizens have every right to protect our communities it is the criminal element that wants us to cower in fear and do nothing.

    • Reality check sir, a neighbor’s 911 call reveals that Travon screamed in horror. The smaller size kid could not hurt that oversize grown man. Travon was not acting suspeciously, he was walking to go see his Dad. Like every other kid, he a bag filled with candy and juice in his hand on his way to see his Dad, very innocent right. As a black person, I know that there’s certain neighborhood that I might be in danger if I go to because of the racial issue. This could happen to me too, bcause it happened to someone so young. He was not a juvenal like the previous comment almost pointed out. He got suspended from school big deal, it happened to all of us.

    • Hill33
      So you put the shoe on the other foot and your child was gun down like he was even if it was self defense would you be talking that bullshit that you are saying now be honest or a cousin or freind would it be the same word that you are saying now. I dont understand the things that we as People think that we have a right to take anyone’s life at all we are not GOD and this tragedy is the issue that needs to be brought to justiceand not only that we as black sisters and brothers need to stop killing one another and pull together as one so I wonder would that hot ass air come out of your mouth if it was one of your love one’s.

      • He can not call it self defense if his life wasn’t in any danger. He hunted the kid like a dog because he was walking through a neighborhood so he could go see his dad. The neighborhood isn’t a private gated community, Trayvon had every right to be there. You are a piece of shit for saying that he didn’t have a right to be there. He didn’t break the law by not listening to the 911 operator but sure did broke the law by killing an innocent kid. I don’t care if he was suspended from school. He was going to see his father and his father was going to deal with him. I come across some of the most racist whites and hispanics. I know how they operate. You most be one too, so is Geraldo Revera. He was denfending hispanics because Zimmerman guy is hispanics. Very selfish and lack of compassion for another human being. His opology was fake and calculated. I find that very disrespectful to the greiving parents.

        • again, Missbellenoire, I say: look up a picture of Travon at 17. He is a much larger boy than the press is showing in his picture as a 12 year old. (And I am not saying he should have been killed – I leave that to the courts). His father also stated that it was not Travon that was screaming that night. It was not his voice on the tape.

          • The both of you are missing the point. it doesn’t matter what size the kid was. This would not had happened if the guy had stopped following Travon when the 9-1-1 operator told him.

            • A 911 operator is not a police officer, nor did or could he tell Zimmerman to stop following Trayvon. The narrative of Trayvon being some lovable innocent pre k child that the wackadoo missbelle and her ilk has bought hook line and sinker, has been pretty much debunked. If, and one again I say if all ofZimmerman’s accounts of what happened are as true as they appear, I know why Trayvon is dead. While beating on Zimmerman, Trayvon put his hand over his mouth with one hand and went after his gun with another telling Zimmerman that he was going to die tonight.

              • Both missbelle and the people who disagree with her are all part of the worse part of america which is the people who still think in black and white.
                @common sense we know that a 911 operator is not a police officer but the conversation was aired on tv and the world heard the operator tell him to stop following the other guy. So please shut up. thank you.

  5. Now I find some of these comments very interesting! The fact that George Zimmerman. Is being referenced as a white is ridiculous! This man clearly has African heritage! I felt the need to state this because Americans are big on race. While I love my Hispanic brow and sis they have just as many issues with gang violence and teenage pregnancy

    • Girl please, he does not look African American. He look like the type of Hispanics who think they’re white, some do think they’re white even if they are dark skin. You can’t argue with that. I want to appologize for my behave and my language online because I let my emotions get the best of me. Some of the replies to my comments were nasty so I fired back. I will not say aything else except that I think that Zimmerman should pay for what he did. Adios mi Amigas!

  6. I respect all of the feed back but people are still looking at this only as a race thing when really it’s right v.s wrong. If Travon did not have a gun but was shot to dead the shooter was wrong. And the witness that heard the the two said that they could not tell whom was the one screaming. I do not care as much as everyone else seems to care about the two race. I could go on and on about this but I said what I needed to in the Babbler.

    • Hill33
      I agree with you cause you take away the race and he still has no paapers or anything at all to take anyones life

  7. I am glad to see that freedom of speech is still alive in this country courtesy of “The Constitution of the United States”. This document upon which all US law is benchmarked is extremely important in this case. I am glad we have trained lawyers, courts, and judges that will determine justice based on facts of the case and not emotion. I am not faulting anyone in this forum, to the contrary, we are all human and thus cannot escape emotion. However, without our justice system, people would be “lynched” at the whim of the “MOB” or those who can control or influence the “MOB”. What is clear is that a child has died and that is always tragic. What is unlcear here is everything else that happened that night. When a complete timeline of events of the night in question have been reported by the lead investigators (the US Justice Department now I believe), we will then have the facts put before us in a coherent manner in which to determine, according to Florida Law, whether or not this man should be charged with a crime. If he is not charged, then justice may perhaps take the form of a challenge to the constitutionality of Florida’s “Stand your ground law”. But, for now, as it stands, that is the law that this man is using for his defense.

    As for those who say “take race out of this scenario for a moment”. I am of the opinion that when a black person is part of the scenario, you cannot take race out because it is inherent and the scenario would be entireley different with other races or skin color. If it was a chinese boy, perhaps Zimmerman may not even think he was suspicous and none of this would have even happened, or maybe it would have. Either way race is inherent, and we should not try and fool ourselves to think otherwise. That said, if you took out other factors for a moment what would be the outcome. For example, take age out of the equation. Let’s say that it was a 70 year old man and not a youth, what may have happened? Let’s take gender out, what if it was a girl, what may have happened? The point here is that you cannot take anything that happened here out of the equation, because they are part of the facts of the case and are, indeed, inherent.

    I beg of people to be concerned, pay attention, demand justice, but reserve judgement until the whole, unfiltered story is present in a factually based and coherent manner.

  8. Very well said,we all should be concerned and pay attention and reserve judgement until the whole unfiltered story is presented, but it is hard when you have listened to those tapes. The tapes alone are just so graphic. Zimmerman was so aggresive.

    • He wasn’t just agressive, he performed an execution. He killed an unarmed kid because he wanted. He said the boy looked black to the 911 operator. Obviously the fact that the kid was black, was an issue for his racist punk ass.

      • You are obviously an ignorant moron. NBC edited the 911 call to make it seem like it was all about race. Secondly, he said effin cold, not coon, CNN broke that story. George was in constant contact with 911, hardly what someone wanting to kill someone would want. According to his girlfriend Tray outran the out of shape Zimmerman. I don’t see how the 17 yr old 6’3 160 lb football player could have been caught by a portly asthmatic 28 yr old. Tray followed him back to the car to pick a fight for following him and got himself killed. The fact that reverend Al is involved proves Zimmerman will be found innocent, he is the most vile racist person on the planet who is a magnet to faux controversy.

        • Hill33
          Realy so if he went back to the car how in the world was he shot 70 feet away from his car if Travon followed him and why was there no mark found on him why did he reject assistance from the meds but know its the meds had time to clean him up but he didnt go to the meds why did he not follow what the dispatch said don’t follow him the 911 tape show that he didnt stop but he went back to his car LMAO you will loose this conversation you do the math of the situation in your head did you forget that he was on the phone with his girlfriend they did not put this into evidence until recently why when its evidence come on keep it coming.

          • You should be his rep, cause you are okay with an overgrown man killing an unarmed teen. He made sure he was in contact with the 911 operator so he could cover his track. He thought that would get him off the hook, but self defense doesn’t work that frakin idiot. You burn in hell with George, you freakin cold ass racist bastards from a female dog. You are the moron, you weren’t there and a kid is dead; that is all I care about. This freakin George guy thought that he would get away with because he had the 911 operator on the phone. That was his dirty little cover. He will fry. I will be waiting to see it happen. I will have popcorn.

        • Your nasty language says alot about who you are and it says that you are a worthless human being who doesn’t care about hurting someone else’s feelings. You don’t have a soul, thats probably why you are in favor of what Zimmerman did. What you said is cruel and you should take it back. Bash the killer not the innocent civillians, I’ve never killed anyone, have you?

  9. George Zimmerman fled the state Of Florida according to his Lawyers. They can not contact him and he is not returning their phone calls or text messages. His probably hearing voices because he is paranoid about going to jail. The man has lost his damm mind.

  10. I read less than half the first paragraph and stopped because of the total bullshit. Not neighborhood watch? wrong! Told him to stp following? No, the pispatcher said “we don’t need you to do that” and Zimmerman said “ok” and stopped following Trayvon, and lost him. I’m not even going to comment further because the artical is a lie and totally bias. If you’ve read this far. do yourself a favor and find another artical backed up with evidence. Listen to the actual unedited tape, look at the crime scene photos, find what was on Martins facebook page and twitter. Look up Zimmermans great grandfather, and the children he and his wife mentored. Look up why Zimmerman carrried his gun (hint: dangerous dog). If your going to offer an opinion on this, at least let it be an informed opinion.

    • In the authors defense, this article was written when the only info anyone gaf was the fictional accounts of racist Al and the mainstream media. That’s where it ends. The problem I have with the author is how he places fault solely on Zimmer for the shooting. His explanation of the events of that night seem to pass the litmus test. Zimmerman was given and passed not one, but TWO lie detector tests the night of the shooting. Try beating down a cop and reach for his gun while telling him he is going to die, if you don’t think you will be shot dead too, you’d have to be s bigger moron than the Trayvon lovers that posted on this site. The ultimate truth is Trayvon would be rollin blunts and sippin some fire ass lean today if he just ran home and didn’t look back. Zimmerman will walk on the murder 2 charge.

      • common sense your actually right about someone getting shot trying to reach for a person gun if that really happened. But it wouldn’t had happen if Zimmerman didn’t just sit his ass down that day.
        This situation started way before he seen Travon that day. Zimmerman has a history of this sort of thing with out it going this far.
        The seed you put out there is the tree you will grow. And Zimmerman has a big tree to deal with.

    • Dear Vulpecula
      If you read the whole article you would not have commented such stupidity. Plus if a person tell you that they don’t need you to do something that you are doing isn’t that the same as telling someone to stop what they are doing. Bias? I’m one of the 1st to say ta˚e race out of it. Anyhow who are we to judge? When the verdict come in we will see the truth or the closest thing to it.
      Everyone seem to miss the point of everything when it come to this case. The pro travon or pro zimmerman teams are blind from the truth which is it’s wrong to murder especially an unarmed person let alone a child.

    • Dear Vulpecula
      If you read the whole article you would not have commented such stupidity. Plus if a person tell you that they don’t need you to do something that you are doing isn’t that the same as telling someone to stop what they are doing. Bias? I’m one of the 1st to say ta˚e race out of it. Anyhow who are we to judge? When the verdict come in we will see the truth or the closest thing to it.
      Everyone seem to miss the point of everything when it come to this case. The pro travon or pro zimmerman teams are blind from the truth which is it’s wrong to murder especially an unarmed person let alone a child.
      One more thing even the neighborhood watch said he wasn’t neighborhood watch. Get the facts right before commenting.

  11. Forensic evidence: Supports Zimmerman’s story
    Lie Detector: Supports Zimerman’s story
    Witnesses: supports Zimerman’s story

    Zimmerman’s story credible
    Martin supporters theory, incredible

    Justice will only be done in this case when the prosecutor is disbarred, those who have issued threats against the Zimmerman family have been charged and the media outlets who have produced such distorted information are sued.

    We have a prosecutor who refused to take this case to a Grand Jury (because it was so freaking weak). Her “investigation” didn’t have time to interview many of the witnesses, but did find time to pray with the Martin family. When legal legend Alan Dershowitz said what she was doing was wrong she threatened to sue his employer (Harvard).

    • I enjoy all of the feed back but it’s funny to me how angry all the supports on both sides are.
      The Babbler likes to say to all the negative commenter who do not bring a clear minded view to this tread but a you are wrong mofo swagger on an old essay to get a life.

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