The babbler # 15: Gay Marriage

As a heterosexual African descendent American I tried to look at the Gay Marriage issues and how it would affect Obama in the coming president election and on  America and the world.

Obama,  made his decisions on the subject to support it even thought it will affect him at the polls on November 2012. Why? Because his biggest supports, Blacks and young voters, are at odds on the subject, evidenced in 2008 in California, when young voters came out to oppose an amendment that would ban gay marriage, while African Americans supported it. According to the Washington Post, one in six people who raise the big bucks for the Obama campaign is gay.

Why do people oppose Gay Marriages? Because of religion, what they have learned from their parents, etc., etc. Think about this for a second, how would gay marriages affect you personally? If you are gay, I guess it will greatly. But for non-gays what bad would it bring. The only thing I see here is the church or religion elements of our nation finding it wrong because of what their book said. But I thought America was build on the idea of the church and the state not becoming one.

Gay Marriages don’t affect me at all. Who cares, really? I know there are people who make this their fight instead of finding causes that actually affect them directly; like the health care system or something. Even the faith based people have to admit that in the same book or books that they use in their fight against gay’s marring it says something about loving your fellow human. Humans are humans no matter their sexual taste, religion nationality, or what ever. And America was built on individual freedoms and I would like it to stay that way.


One thought on “The babbler # 15: Gay Marriage

  1. I agree with you for sure! It doesn’t affect their lives, so what the heck do they care? On the other hand, it can destroy the lives of gay people who want just as any other human being wants. *sigh* such an ignorant world we live in.

    Anyways, Christopher, I know I came by here before but I honestly can’t remember if I commented. So I thought I would return to say hello! and hope all is well with you 🙂

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